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What sort of porcelain are you searching for but unable to find!?

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  1. Bowls

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  2. Boxes

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  3. Vases

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  4. Plates/Dish

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  5. Tea Cups

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  6. Jardiniere

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  7. Covered Box

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  1. Hey all! I am new here. My name is Kevin. I am the son of one of the owners of Gardner Burke Antiques. Gardner Burke Antiques (GBA) was established as a retail operation in Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1998 by Camilla Gardner and Kathleen Gardner Cravedi.

    Just want to learn about the other companies and interests in porcelain. What people like or haven't been able to find.
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  2. aaroncab

    aaroncab in veritate victoria

    Do you have a physical location in Fredericksburg? Tis my hometown.

    Welcome to the board. A note of caution however, your post reads a lot like an advertisement which is a bit of a no no.
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  3. Thank you Aaroncab.
    It pretty much read like an advertisement. I made changes. My apologies on that.

    So, unfortunately, we do not have a physical location at the moment. Everything we have is based off online. It kind of interesting because when I started helping my mother and aunt, I would have never known they originated in Fredericksburg, VA. At one time, I think they may have had a store, but decided to close.
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