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Discussion in 'Art' started by ElinorT, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. ElinorT

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    Hello all,
    I had a friend though he has passed away now but he said that if you have a busy painting, then you need a plain frame, or vice versa, however, I have a couple of bucolic scenes which came in small and very plain frames but they were quite damaged but someone painting them and all the detail is now missing, I am loathed to strip them due to it being time consuming though they are a pair.. I bought a lot of paintings from a local auction some 18 months ago in various states of repair- it was just a shopping spree. Anyhow, one frame fits one of my paintings perfectly and I always thought it looked beautiful, the only trouble is I have just finished 'ameteurly tidying up' of the other painting and am struggling to find a suitable frame... to be honest, witht he original frames, one fitted, the other was held in situ with nails and ill fitting so would ideally need a slip making to be perfect.

    What do you think of this?

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  2. i need help

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  3. johnnycb09

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    Hi Elinor,welcome.I think it looks perfectly fine,but Im not really clear on your question ?
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  4. komokwa

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    I for one find these types of frames Ostentatious ......but here...I don't mind it , considering the subject matter !! :happy:
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  5. Aquitaine

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    Johnny, I think Elinor's just asking what do we think of how the frame looks with the subject matter!!! In one way, that might depend on where it's going to hang......I like both, but truthfully, to ME, I think it depends on how large the painting is......not too, too large and I like them together! JMHO!!
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  6. blooey

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    Both pieces are pretty nice although the painting here does feel a teeny bit cramped, it needs a slightly larger frame to look its best. A frame like this would look good with a smaller painting with an inner gilt slip.

    Breanski-ish landscapes like this need a bit of room to "breathe" IMO.

    Overall, it's pretty good for the moment, better than no frame at all, but maybe keep your eye out for something a bit larger with a nice water-gilt slip.
  7. ElinorT

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    Thank you for your input, here is the sister to the one above in its original frame, both are approximately 14 x 10 inches so they're not large, there is a gilt slip in the one above albeit small, my friend had it made before he passed away.

  8. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    Very nice paintings, Elinor.
    The first painting is crowded by the frame, the second isn't. The second could do with a slightly more fancy frame, but not much more. And a similar frame for the first one, of course.
  9. ElinorT

    ElinorT New Member

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  10. Any Jewelry

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    I can imagine it would be difficult to find a pair. You want a nice frame, but also one that does the painting justice. And preferably a pair.
    I agree, that style would look so much better.
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  11. ElinorT

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    Well quite, sometimes we have to make the best with what we have but oh for something more desirable, I have seen frames on their own making small fortunes, I do have a pair of 'Roundels' which i'm not sure of, waiting to see what comes up, i can't bear to have antique paintings placed in repro frames for some reason, it never sits right with me.

    Here is one which has been cleaned in its original arts & crafts frame, it is quite large at almost 3ft wide, i aquired it from a farmhouse clearance a few years ago and cannot bear to part with it yet, it was heavily smoke stained and the previous owners had it in their family quite some time, sadly, the photo does not do it much justice at all.

    Highland Cattle  (1).JPG
  12. antidiem

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  13. blooey

    blooey Well-Known Member

    Your re-framing is a vast improvement over this my opinion this dull frame kills the picture. Just awful.
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