Frederick Weeks stoneware?

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    Hey all. I picked this up at an estate sale in Northern Illinois the other day. It's 6" tall, 3" diameter at the base. Google lens told me it's a syrup jug, Frederick Weeks stoneware, Akron, Ohio, late 1800s. There are no discernable marks anywhere. There looks to be little or no wear to the base, no chips or cracks. There is very fine crazing visible in the lighter areas of the glaze. Anybody got any ideas if this is what Google (and ebay) says it is? I don't want to label it something it's not. Thanks for any help!


    1000004652.jpg 1000004657.jpg
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    Outstanding! I don't think the price is achievable but I'm so happy to see those 2 book references! Many many thanks @Roaring20s!

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