French Gold Hallmark?

Discussion in 'Silver' started by FriscoP60, Jan 12, 2016.

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    image.jpeg Can anyone tell me if this mark was only used for gold? 925 1000 has it as a strictly gold hallmark (when in a perfectly round cartouche that ends at the neck, as opposed to the oblong oval cartouche with the same mark, which could be silver or gold). Is their any reason to think 925 is incorrect?
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    I'm not sure what the item is. Is it a church piece?
    Is the mark you are showing on the item or on the gold medallion?
    Could the base be sterling with gold medallions?
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    Cluttered - see Frisco's other thread about a chalice supposed (by him) to have been used during Napoleon's coronation. It's in the Antiques Discussion forum.
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    The mark is on an early 19th century chalice. Here are more of the hallmarks: image.jpeg
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    The reason I ask is according to 925 1000 that round cartouche face mark ending at the neck should be a gold mark . I tested it very gently and it tests as gold. I brought it into a pawn shop and they swore its plated. image.jpeg
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  9. komokwa

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    That's hebrew writing above the J C C in the diamond mark.....

    that's all I got...
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    Thank you. Yeah that was Jean-Charles Cahier's mark I believe 1801 through 1809.
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    Missed that thread.
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