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    Hey everybody,

    I don't get too many views on my webshop, so I decided to place some items here.
    Just to draw attention to my webshop, and hopefully get my sales up a bit.
    I'm aware that I have many items in higher price range. I don't expect them to sell soon.
    I have re-placed the link to my Etsy shop in my profile.

    This post shows you a beautiful green opaline trinket box.
    Could also be a sugar or tea caddy.

    Below you'll find 2 opaline glass mèdicis vases.
    These are quite rare, and date from the French Restoration/ Charles X period.

    By the way...
    That little cabinet.. Is part of a table, which I designed and made myself.
    I will post pictures of it later. I would like to know what you guys think about it.
    I'm planning on making a series of these wooden cubes.

    The whole idea was:
    A table that could change shape.
    U can place this in rectangular, L- / U-shape.
    Or even an artistic shape, where they don't have to stand side by side.
    You can, fro example, take 3 cubes to make you a table, and use the rest as a cabinet,
    which I did. (The dark wood is an antique wooden floor.)

    20191005_143812.jpg 20191005_143939.jpg 20191005_144106.jpg 20191005_144158.jpg 20191005_144711.jpg 20191005_144735.jpg 20191005_145106.jpg 20191005_144911.jpg
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    I love THAT TRINKET BOX !!!! ... Joy. :)
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