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Discussion in 'Metalware' started by jwilke101, Dec 7, 2019.

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    I have recently aquired a Gastone Copper Tray and would like to learn more about it. If anybody can help me with some history of this item I would greatly appreciate it.

    Sticker on the back reads:
    Gastone Products
    Copper Creations (Pvt) Ltd
    PO Box 3325
    Tel: 63327
    97 Willowvale Rd
    Willowvale, Salisbury

    The scene is an African village of grass huts with birds and trees in the background.

    IMG_20191207_165550m.jpg IMG_20191207_165559m.jpg
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  2. Bdigger

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    Found a little information for you! Welcome Jwilke!

    Gastone original copper artwork is made by a Copperwares team of skilled craftsmen and hand painted by talented local artists of Zimbabwe. The range focuses on the magnificent wildlife and stunning scenery of Africa which is incorporated into each work of art. Almost every piece of Gastone artwork has a common signature a "burst of sunrays" emanating from the centre of the copper background. This radiating sunray effect is achieved by our copper artisans who hand polish each piece. The copper artwork then has African bush scenery and village scenes individually handpainted on each piece by talented local artists making each piece unique.All the animal motifs used in the Gastone range are remarkably realistic to life. Our craftsmen hand mould each one. Bitumen is rubbed into the details to create a 3D effect.
  3. jwilke101

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    Thank you for this information. The fact that every piece is unique, explains why I can't find any pictures of this particular copper tray online. I got it from inside a cabinet that was in a garage for an unknown number of years. It had an array of porcelain, silver and ivory figurines on it. The sticker on the back also says that it has a protective coating on it, and to only wipe it with a soft cloth. I can see the burst of light effect you mentioned above even with the dust still on it. In fact, I couldn't use a flash to take the picture, because of this effect.
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    WELCOME jwilke !!! ... Joy. :)
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