German(?) Bisque Porcelain Figures

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    Hello all! I need some help in dating an angel figure I purchased. It was sold to me as made in Germany circa 1900-1945. I know nothing about this type of porcelain, but I knew I liked the figure. It does have some markings on it. Looks like DEP 4151 and another mark I cannot decipher. I have read that DEP is often marked on both German and French bisque, but that is all I know. I just think she is pretty, and I would like to know how old she might be.

    Attaching photos for you. Any information will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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    Not a mark I recognize off the cuff.


    Rontgen gives the mark as Hutschenreuther 1886 - 1945.
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    Thank you, moreotherstuff and janetpjohn!
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