German Painted Glass Hanging

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    8334BFCB-78A3-42FF-B0E9-8E0B1420F3AD.jpeg 43067207-9716-4E3C-AD2A-60DBC3EE487B.jpeg 3E8C4994-385A-4095-84B9-EA138FCC1011.jpeg 8334BFCB-78A3-42FF-B0E9-8E0B1420F3AD.jpeg 68241D45-4370-4EEB-A12B-BF0DFB679151.jpeg
    A souvenir piece?

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  2. Any Jewelry

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    Yes. After a view of Rothenburg ob der Tauber (current name), in the Franconia region of Bavaria.
  3. kardinalisimo

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    Same view of the town, but a different print:

    I think the one your hanging is based on is older. I am sure many were made, it is a well-known town.
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