German porcelain - what do we have?

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    As best I can tell, the mark means German, possibly Dresden. What do we have? What is it for? Who made it? When was it made? Would all this decoration be hand painted? This is a family piece, probably purchased in the 1920's by an American family. It doesn't say Germany, but it may not have been imported. They may have purchased it on a visit to Germany (I posted an old photo of the family next to an early Luft Hansa plane in the antique photo thread some time ago).

    d-dish1.jpg d-dish2.jpg d-dish3.jpg
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    I think you are on the right track for origin, others may be helpful there. It seems the lobed areas were designed for the serving of individual sweetmeats.
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    It's at my daughter's house across town. I'll try and get a closer look at over/under glaze mark when I go over there (hopefully this evening). She also has the cut glass I have in another thread, that I need to inspect closer. Based on the higher resolution photo I have of the mark, I would guess that it's over the glaze, but it's only a guess. What is the significance of over vs. under?
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    I think they call them nappies or lemon servers. I wouldn't expect anything to hold still in it's own little area, just a design.
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    She was a painter rather than a porcelain manufacturer. She decorated externally bought porcelain; mostly Meissen blanks . so i expect to see a mark that is put over the glaze and not under
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    Oh my gosh, is that pretty.
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