Featured Getúlio Vargas's autograph - Former Brazilian president

Discussion in 'Ephemera and Photographs' started by Leonardo Scherer, May 20, 2019.

  1. Leonardo Scherer

    Leonardo Scherer Active Member

    Hey guys, here is the newest addition to my collection, a signature from a Brazilian former president from 1940.

    Later today I'll talk a little about his history and about the document


  2. Leonardo Scherer

    Leonardo Scherer Active Member

    Well, here we go, the document names Roberval to a federal ministry.

    Getúlio was leader of the 1930 revolution, rising to power and creating a new constitution, saying in power for 15 years as a dictator. In 1945 he renounced to the presidency, being afraid of a military coup.
    In 1951 he was elected again, democratically. Until 1954, when 19 Generals signed a manifesto asking for his deposition. That's when he committed suicide with a shot to the heart, leaving a letter with his famous quote "I leave life to enter history".

    This is the gun and the shirt he was wearing when he died
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    I admire your passion for collecting, Leonardo! :)
  4. Leonardo Scherer

    Leonardo Scherer Active Member

    Thanks, but I guess all of us here have a passion for it
    Christmasjoy and i need help like this.
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