Giovanni Batista Piranessi Etchings are they real ?

Discussion in 'Art' started by Joe Collura, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Joe Collura

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    If by 'real' you mean printed in Piranesi's time, seems doubtful.
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    That is what I am thinking though the 2nd one is kind of interesting you can see the etching imprint marks on the paper.
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    Plate impressions can be simulated...

    And properly framed, plate impressions should not be covered by a mat.

    Gotta love a Piranesi!
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  5. Joe Collura

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    Hello Scouthouse,

    I have other etchings that are real. I am confused how do you know what is real ?
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  6. scoutshouse

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    Hi Joe...

    By using a loupe and seeing if the ink is raised.

    Judging the Authenticity of Prints by The Masters a primer for collectors
    * * * *
    David Rudd Cycleback

    (starting at section 10 he gives details on how each kind of print is made, and what to look for - it's a downloadable pdf, just search that title)

    Identification. Along with the general intaglio traits (physically raised ink, plate mark, etc), etching has the following specific traits. While engraving is known for its stoic careful lines, etching has much more freely drawn lines. Etchings often resemble ink sketches.
    Etching uses a rounded needle to make the line, and the end should be more blunt than the sharp end of an engraving. The edges of the line should be less clean than that of an engraving. The combination of the crumbling wax and acid can create uneven edges.

    Hope that helps :) helped me, anyway!
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  7. McAdder

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    There are lots and lots of printings of Piranesis works, there are printing made during his lifetime and also long after from the original plates. Most have different states which can help dating them.

    Then there are copies, which are also engravings, the first not long after the originals, but also modern ones.

    And then there are copies in different techniques.

    Meaning that only determining that it is an etching will not suffice to be sure that it is an original. lists the originals and states.
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  9. clutteredcloset49

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    Furniture stores/departments during the 1980s used to have these for sale.
    Places like Brueners and Macy's. I remember looking at them and wondering why anyone would want them hanging in their living room.
    To me they are too dark, I like color.
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  10. Joe Collura

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    Thank you I appreciate the information very much.
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