Give Away: Constable - Entrance to Fen Lane - Phillips Auction Catalog 1990

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    Let the debacle continue! (And know the next one is waiting in the wings.)

    Offered to actively participating, well-known members. We’ll see what the situation is Wednesday evening. Free really cheap poorly packed shipping.

    Hard cover single subject catalog with dust jacket
    John Constable's Painting "Entrance to Fen Lane" (1817)
    10 1/4” by 8 1/8”
    Contains extensive provenance discussion including origin of the painting and it’s position in Constable oeuvre.
    Beautiful photography including details, a fold-out view, and related works.

    Phillips Auction Catalog 1990 Constable Entrance to Fen Lane Giveaway Give Away.JPG

    Phillips Auction Catalog 1990 Constable Entrance to Fen Lane Giveaway Give Away-b.jpg
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    Not too useful to me, but I bet someone wants it.
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    Beautiful, my mother would have loved it, great Constable fan.
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    Not for me this time... thank you for offering.
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    I'm a someone!!
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