Glass candy dish?

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    Mom always used this for candy but I’m not sure if that’s what it was intended for? I am also hoping that someone may be familiar with this piece and maybe its date of manufacture? It measures 7” across. Thanks very much. D4EAFACF-B5CE-4EEC-A7F8-902EFEA199AE.jpeg

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    Some also consider it a relish insert.

    The above relish set also has green inserts available but not a colorOld Cafe was ever made in. Again this is considered a "go with " Piece. Old cafe was a small pattern and did not have any serving pieces (IE: vegetable bowls etc...) so people used the pattern that your candy dish is to expand the collection.
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    The bottom looks very close to that anchor hocking dish photographed in that eBay listing, except the very center looks circular and not star pattern…? BF7AC288-E90C-4177-8BC8-9F4EA05CCDAD.jpeg
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    Actually I moved the candy to the side and see the star pattern!
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