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    I purchased this large jar the other day thinking it's a ginger jar from the 70's. The cover was taped on at the store, so I didn't open it. When I got home I opened it and discovered it has a weird perfumy smell and it's painted and shellacked on the inside.

    I'm not able to find anything online that looks like it, with that mushroom top. Why does it look and smell like that inside? Do you think it is a used urn? :depressed: Do you think it is older than the 70's and it had a purpose for looking like that inside? It's 12" tall. TIA

    2022-08-12 03.56.19.jpg 2022-08-12 03.53.37.jpg 2022-08-12 03.55.26.jpg 2022-08-12 03.54.44.jpg
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    It looks like the inside paint provides the overall color on the outside, like reverse painting. And then the birds and other decoration was painted on the outside. So it's likely the original jar was clear glass. At least it looks that way at the base. I don't have any other observations or knowledge about when it was made or by whom. As to the scent, maybe the original owner put potpourri in it which was popular in the 70s. Pier 1 sold it by the truckload.
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    Thank you ola402 for your thoughts. I should of mentioned that the design is a decal on the inside and then painted over with the ivory color. Then some kind of sealer was applied after that. Looks icky inside and very sloppy. Something must have been done to it at a later time. I just don't think it would of been sold looking that way. :eek:
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