Glass oil lamp help please

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  1. tyeldom3

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    4B0EB476-EC2B-4CCF-BEB0-7DAA8FC3847C.jpeg 1B48445D-0561-4EAF-88E2-321CEF6C2F41.jpeg 2A64A8D8-E700-4FD0-A320-113DE67908FB.jpeg 3D1BB66D-8D82-41A4-BBAF-78BD79718832.jpeg Hi, I’m having a yard sale in a few days and wondering about this lamp. It has some floral things stuck to or glued inside the bottom glass and does look old, but maybe it’s just the rust. Anyone know what this could be described as? Please and thank you for any help.
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  2. *crs*

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    I thik the term that describes this style is a composite oil lamp. Something to look into?
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  3. tyeldom3

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    Oh, CRS, you are awesome! Thanks! I did a brief search of that, and you’re fabulous.
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