Glassies: Striped/Banded Tumblers

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    Hoping someone recognizes these striped/banded tumblers. I have 2 sizes. 16oz & 11oz. The bands are not complete and are in the shape of arrows. They are not AH Fiesta Band. The white and yellow bands are reversed from that pattern plus Fiesta Band is a complete band. I've search google images to no avail. I didn't see them in my Decorated Tumblers book.
    Stripes12ozA.JPG Stripes16oz5.JPG Stripes16oz6.JPG Stripes16oz7.JPG Stripes16oz8.JPG
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    WAG= Libby?
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    I'll check to see if I can find any by Libbey like this, KOT. Didn't see nay in my Decorated Tumblers book under Libbey. Maybe the "R" place has them listed. Also, I've been through the Libbey catalogs online before and don't recall seeing any thing like these but wasn't looking for them at the time. Will have to go and re-check them.
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