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    Good afternoon and I hope you are all doing well!

    I came across these pieces in a box outside a house that was built in 1910. The owners are putting up the house for sale and are getting rid of a lot items. The first images are of a satin finished cobalt blue vase. It looks hand blown and is heavy. The second looks like pressed or molded glass because it has the seams on the sides ( I could be wrong). On the bottom is has some letters and numbers with what looks like the makers logo in the middle. The third to me looks like a perfume/oil scented bottle? but not sure if it is hand blown. The bowl looks like pressed glass because it also has the seams on the sides. The rim looks like at one time it had the same color trimming that is on the handle in gray. I am no expert as you all know so I could use your help with the age and any other information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. As always, thank you in advance for looking and all of your responses.

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

    IMG_0158.jpg IMG_0159.jpg IMG_0162.jpg IMG_0165.jpg IMG_0164.jpg IMG_0171.jpg IMG_0172.jpg IMG_0166.jpg IMG_0170.jpg
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    If I were you, I'd haunt that house!!
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    I like the first one best of all!

    I get blue-ish...the fracture in the pontil is the only place true color might be seen, but the satin hides it otherwise. Is it really a cobalt? And, what size is it, please?
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    Yes it is cobalt and is 7.75" tall and 4.16" wide.
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    @KSW, pearlsnblume, Good evening KSW and Pearlsnblume! I hope your are all doing well. I have a question about the third image and wanted to know if it looks mouth/hand blown to you. thank you
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    Hi lovely glassware, but I am afraid this is not my area. So I will let the experts chime in.
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    The scroll handled cobalt blue pedestal bowl might be L.E. Smith Glass line 2400. Depending on size I am finding them listed as bonbon dishes or fruit bowls. They come in black also, with an embossed or engraved swags and flowers pattern/design. All the cobalt blue scroll handle footed bowls I find are plain. Some people are writing in the descriptions 1920s through 1930s for production date.

    Hopefully @TallCakes can find some verifiable information.
    EDIT: PS, In several descriptions, people are claiming the blue bowls glow bright green under UV light, but nobody has shown a picture.
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    Thank you for responding and please have a great weekend!
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    Thank you so much for responding and for helping me with this. I sincerely appreciate it.
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    agree with the Smith Glass #2400 just can't make out the floral swag in the OP images...
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