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    I have a rug of my Grandmothers. It is 8’x12’ and fairly soft in texture. My mom told me my grandma sent in some material (not sure what) and they made a rug out of it. I believe it would have been made in Iowa as that’s where they lived. I also believe the rug to be around 75 years old. I would appreciate any hints as to where it was made, if there was indeed a company that made rugs out of materials you sent in or where I can go to find answers.

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  3. bluumz

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    Sorry, I don’t have a clue with this one.
  4. Bronwen

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    Could we have a closeup of some of the underside? This looks like a 'Persian rug', not something made out of a fabric remnant. I was expecting to see a rag rug, not something like a tapestry. Where do you get 8' x 12' fabric? Does the rug show any signs of having been pieced together?
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    It looks hand knotted in an unusual way - to me. I'm sorry, I don't know about rugs, but others here do, so please post more photos and check back.
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    I sent your enquiry to a friend who consults with clients via Wilton Historic Reproductions. He said "I have no clue about this..the carpet looks to be 80-100 years old, but I've never heard about sending fabric in (unless they meant for matching a carpet from their inventory to one's existing soft furnishings? " Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
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    It appears to be a "chenille" rug. Chenille (from the French for caterpillar) is a particular type of fuzzy yarn, used as the weft in this rug. It seems unlikely that it would have been made from material sent in, as the pattern (imitating a Persian rug) is quite complex, requiring many specific colors.
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