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Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by BoudiccaJones, Aug 16, 2021.

  1. BoudiccaJones

    BoudiccaJones Well-Known Member

    I had a great booty this weekend xx
    As per though I am a little bit lost.
    These are on a ratty string thing, with a strange and ugg clasp. Pretty sure they've been restrung.
    They are warm and I can't see any bubbles. Some glow under UV.
    I don't *think* they are plastic but am always prepared to be shook.
    (To my inexpert eyes, it seems that it's made of two different necklaces. The top browny ones are glass I think )


    These are HEAVYYY and very cold .
    Again the clasp is nasty and the necklace broke,I took the hematites or whatever they are called off so I could just put the beads back on the plastic stuff as it was shorter now so I can keep them together. These are lovely. Some glow under UV too but not all. It's 22 inches now, (56 cms)


    This the seller said was from...oh goodness I have forgotten :( not England anyway and not Israel. She claimed it was gold around the edge and she saw it put together about 60 years ago but I take everything with a vat of salt. The **gold** has a pinky tinge in places, I really don't think it's plated though. It's really cute, (the chain is Monet so nothing to do with it)
    She also said the stone was malachite but I don't know if it looks like that? It's an inch & a half down and the same across the widest part ( 4 cms)
    I looked at chrysocolla and still undecided.
    (ETA Just realised my comment re Israel might be a bit cryptic even for moi. She said she got it from...somewhere exotic I have forgotten but it wasn't Israel. I only saw it from a distance originally and could only see it was green! Half hoped twas eliat but I have a teeny eliat brooch and doesn't look the same at all next to each other xx)
    Back's covered in glue which even *I* know tis not a good sign

    Friends, I have SO MUCH MORE but will keep it to this for now xx
    Thank you everyone as ever XXX
    Sorry didn't realise the back pic was so out of focus. I'll try and take a better one.
    I've got so much new stuff I'm almost overwhelmed!!
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  2. BoudiccaJones

    BoudiccaJones Well-Known Member

    These are like marbles. I LOVE MARBLES


    These are probably plastic,they are very light. However they don't really feel like plastic but again,always prepared to be utterly wrong
    They have a sort of coating which is cracking xx
    They are really small, about one CM across

    They did go a sort of milky colour under UV but the pics were so dire I had to delete 'em. Will try again xx

    I got SO.MUCH.STUFFFS this weekend xx
    Thank you everyone xx
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  3. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    Nice finds bou.:happy:
    Agate-carnelian. Both are basically the same stone, it is the colour that makes the difference.
    One vote for Eilat stone!:happy: And for Israel. Eilat stone can differ slightly from one stone to another, some have more blue, others more green.
    Porcelain maybe? Or glass?
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  4. BoudiccaJones

    BoudiccaJones Well-Known Member

    Thank you,thank you my AJ!!! Thrilled! I asked the seller if maybe it was eliat but she looked at me as if I had two heads BUT I have no idea how pronounce it so that could be why :D

    The teeny ones are strange. Probably plastic.The vibe isn't plastic but I bet that's what they are xx
    I also got what I think is a horn necklace,will try and take pics soon!

    Thank you my lovely as always <3 xxx
    (Meant to ask as well, I know tis impossible to know for sure but would eliat ever be slapped into a gold setting? She was adamant it was gold but again she said it was malachite) xx
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  5. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    It can be slapped into every kind of material, and yes, gold as well. It certainly is a beautiful setting, can you get it tested?
    Eilat stone contains malachite, as well as azurite, turquoise, and chrysocolla, so she was partly right.;)
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  6. BoudiccaJones

    BoudiccaJones Well-Known Member

    I've got so so so much stuff, it's madness I haven't got myself some testing stuff. I'll have to get on gettin' some !
    Didn't know that about eliat having all those things in but looking at it,makes perfect sense.
    Thank you again my lovely xxx
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  7. charlie cheswick

    charlie cheswick Well-Known Member

    It's a beautiful stone, never heard of Eilat before
    Looks like the pink is where someone's tried to clean it with silver polish.

    Looking online there's examples in gold and rolled gold, the glue(if that's what it is)agree is not a great sign

    Testing for sure
  8. BoudiccaJones

    BoudiccaJones Well-Known Member

    I've messed with Stuffs for a long long time and it feels and smells/looks like a highish carat gold, (not 9 ct I mean) to me.
    BUT it does need to be tested.
    The seller said she'd had it made specifically for her ( which does make you think she'd have asked what the stone was! She did say was 60 ish years ago and I forget things that happened yesterday but still) and she only wanted gold.
    My eliat brooch is in silver,only got that this bootying season and only knew what it was from on here, I shudder to think what I've missed in the past! Though truth be told,I DO have more than a fair share of Stufffs xxxx
    ( eta just gave it a gentle polish,the pink's off now xx)
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  9. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    I guessed as much.:angelic:
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  10. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    I think the glowy ones on that mixed necklace may be amber.
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  11. BoudiccaJones

    BoudiccaJones Well-Known Member

    Thank you my Mrs. B...they do feel amber-y xx
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  12. Lucille.b

    Lucille.b Well-Known Member

    All I can say is that I love your posts, @BoudiccaJones. :)

    They always make me smile. You have a great way of describing things. Cheers.
  13. BoudiccaJones

    BoudiccaJones Well-Known Member

    That is SO kind <3 thank you Lucille x x XX x x
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  14. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    Could the ones that are light weight but lack the plastic vibe be some kind of seed? Organic materials have a way of sucking up UV so the color looks almost the same as in ordinary lighting.

    I like the beads that look like marbles too. I have an old glass one that looks very similar. Marbles used to be made out of stone like this & were known as 'aggies' for agate.
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  15. BoudiccaJones

    BoudiccaJones Well-Known Member

    Ooh could be seed didn't think of that! Thank you Cuz. I'll have a better look tomorrow. They look drilled so that could be what they are.

    I have a huge marble collection. **quelle surprise!!!**
    Might have some agates, but I fear they *Maybe Lost in the Hoarditorium* ... a not unknown state.

    The horn necklace I found yesterday I am now pretty sure is made by Gerda Lynggaard ... whom I had never heard of and will no doubt forget I DID ever hear of before too long. I'll take a pic tomorrow and see what you all think!
    Thank you all,as ever xxx
  16. Marko

    Marko Well-Known Member

    The first necklace that could be amber- is it lightweight or heavier? I have mixed citrine beads that look like that.
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  17. BoudiccaJones

    BoudiccaJones Well-Known Member

    Think some of the lighter ones could very well be amber, I have a few amber strings here, but it's all **put away ** ie lost in the hoarditorium so can't compare. That is what some of em feel like though...thank you Marko xxx
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  18. KSW

    KSW Well-Known Member

    Gorgeous finds Bou! I too am drawn to buy beads when I see them.
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  19. BoudiccaJones

    BoudiccaJones Well-Known Member

    Knew you'd understand :)
    You however DO stuff with 'em. I merely collect / stash / look at with lurve :D x
  20. KSW

    KSW Well-Known Member

    I do that too and whatever we do with them is fine as long as we preserve them and enjoy them :)
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