Green Peking Glass Bangle; or Is It?

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by wlwhittier, Jul 18, 2023.

  1. wlwhittier

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    The first pic is naturally lighted; the others are with flash. ~3" OD, 2 3/8" ID, weighs ~1 ounce. The ID is slightly flattened, an' that area is almost satin finished. Otherwise the feel is of an almost oily, silky finish. But nowhere is there evidence of the multi-layering that I've been informed is how true Peking Glass is made. It has a few ordinary sized bubbles, but hundreds of micro bubbles. I'm tempted to call it Teal, but it's not quite' I don't have an alternate name for its hue. UV turns it to almost opaque black.
    So: is it, or is it not Peking Glass? Thanks for lookin'!

    429F5826-7EB2-4C5F-A8C6-752389E4189C_1_201_a.jpeg 0BAA968E-61C0-4945-BB1B-CD4981945653_1_201_a.jpeg A24F68F7-8664-4762-91FF-B65DCCC241B8_4_5005_c.jpeg 7E3B6BEB-692E-494C-8C98-F70069B07549_1_201_a.jpeg
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  2. charlie cheswick

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    Doesn't look like it to me (amended ;))
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  3. charlie cheswick

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    Sorry whit, I was thinking of the Czech type Peking glass, which is more opaque and two toned
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  4. Any Jewelry

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    Your photos are a bit blurry, so I can't see details very well. Maybe you could put it down on a white piece of paper, that way it is easier to photograph, and we can see more of the item.

    In general, Peking glass bangles were made to look like jade or semi-precious stones, often two toned and/or with stone-like layering.
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