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  1. Mark Schmitt

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    RosetteFitterlessHolder.png Hi,
    I'm a collector of late 1800's Harvard student lamps of various types - including the period glass shades that fit these lamps including 7", 7 3/8" fitter "domed" shades and 7"-8" ball shades. Right now I'm looking for a couple of P&A Harvard burner-mounted rosette brass shade holders for holding 7" fitterless ball shades (see picture). Anybody have a lead??
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    Welcome to the Forum, Mark!

    Next time you post photos, just check the box for Full Image. I’ve enlarged this one.
    Maybe @sabre123 @Drew @Iowa Jayhawk have an idea?
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    maybe should be in the Wanted Forum for more exposure....?
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    Greetings, Mark. Good luck with your search.
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    I will see if I can dig up where I got mine from...I have two of them myself, but they are both in use for a restoration project of my own.
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    Welcome! Sorry I don't have the parts you need, but I do have a question for you already!

    I have what I believe to be a Harvard student lamp, double burner, converted to electricity, 7" shades. Mine has Shreve Crump and Low badges on it. But can you give us a little history, since I couldn't find much on the web. Can you say what makes a "Harvard" student lamp? Is it related to Harvard University?
  8. Mark Schmitt

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    I believe the title Harvard lamp comes from the Plume and Atwood version ( a company based in Waterbury, CT) of the Harvard student lamp that used the "P&A Harvard" burner which is written on the burner's thumb wheel. There are 3 main Plume and Atwood versions of Harvard lamps including the single burner, a double burner and a much more elaborate double burner. The German company Wild & Wessel also produced the single and double versions of this lamp, and they used a central draft Kosmos burner which easily allows identification of these lamps by the draft tube and drip cup that projects out below the burner end of the font body (and does not exist on the P&A versions). All of these lamps are pictured in Richard Millers book "Student lamps of the Victorian Era". Your SC&L lamp is the German version that was badged on the draft tube directly on top of the Wild & Wessel logo and sold by this Boston company. The lamps were said to be used by Harvard Faculty in the late 1800's. Classic version used the 7" (7 3/8" on the German version) green dome-shaped cased glass shade. The shade commands a premium price as it has almost no bulge above the fitter so that it does not interfere with the lamps central post. I can post a picture of a version of the elaborate P&A double student lamp that I have fitted with ball shades instead of the classic 7" student shade.
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    Mark Schmitt Lamps on the brain

    Much appreciated!
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    Please do
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    image0(1).jpeg Here is the picture of my ornate Plume and Atwood double student lamp with gold griffon ball shades
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    Well, I didn't see anything there after looking through alot of the links, but I did send some of the businesses emails to see if they have seen any. Hopefully I will get an email or two back.
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