Head on a pike! Mortar & pestle

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  1. Reposting this to try and get some more input
    Thank you in advance for all your valuable thoughts everyone

    so this is my mortar & pestle
    It came from an estate and was Acquired from a man who got it during his time spent in World War II and came back to the US with it

    I think it depicts a scene of king Darius the great but am unsure,

    The kings are in the style of playing cards

    One king has a falcon in a backpack which is typical sport for kings

    One king has what I think is a lamb

    It’s very finely detailed in the engraving you can zoom in and even see the feathers in their crown which is smaller than a half grain rice

    And all the research I’ve done I haven’t seen anything that correlates with the head on the pike

    so what are your thoughts everyone?

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  3. Oops - thank you for letting me know how the form works
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    And if you don't get replies, it may be because we don't have answers. :confused:
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  5. komokwa

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    could that even be possible..............:eek::eek::jawdrop::jawdrop::inpain:
  6. Any Jewelry

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    I know it is unbelievable, but it has been known to happen.:wideyed:
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  7. Ok what if the piked head is a jester
  8. komokwa

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    then he was an unlucky jester.....:playful::playful::playful:
  9. Bakersgma

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    On tonight's Antiques Roadshow "Junk in the Trunk" there was a metal hardhat with almost the same design going around it. The appraiser referred to the men around the hat with their "pikes" as Coptic Christians.

    In case you can find this episode online it's Junk in the Trunk number 8 and the appraiser was Bruce Shackelford.
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  10. I will definitely look up Coptic Christian’s
    Thank you
  11. Woutinc

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    As far as i know serious old ones had at least a year and most often makers mark/name on them, as they were made by bell makers for which that was higly common. (?)

  12. Definitely Coptic Christian’s

    that was a great lead
    Thank you
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