Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Irma Jean, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Irma Jean

    Irma Jean New Member

    new to this. I usually just scroll and scroll pictures, gathering clues until my eyes are crossed and time to get up but now im a zombie

    Hello and TIA for the help
  2. i need help

    i need help Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Forum, Irma Jean! :) Having more eyes and opinions usually narrows things down. :)
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  3. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Antiquers, Irma Jean.
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  4. Bakersgma

    Bakersgma Well-Known Member

    Greetings, Irma Jean!
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  5. kyratango

    kyratango Bug jewellery addiction!

    Welcome on board, Irma Jean!:joyful:
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  6. judy

    judy Well-Known Member

    Hi Irma!

    Welcome to Antiquers...........
  7. Houseful

    Houseful Well-Known Member

  8. all_fakes

    all_fakes Well-Known Member

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