Help ID Asian Painting's Artist

Discussion in 'Art' started by Lew Fisher, Jun 1, 2023.

  1. Lew Fisher

    Lew Fisher Well-Known Member

    Hi, Folks-
    Can anyone help to ID the artist's signature or chop mark on this mixed media picture? The work is divided into different compartments where watercolor and gouache are combined. The image measures about 15" by 11". When I acquired it there was a strip of masking tape on the glass that said Vietnam. As you will see the framer is from Singapore. Any help you can give toward better understanding this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. DSCN4738.JPG DSCN4739.JPG DSCN4740.JPG DSCN4741.JPG DSCN4742.JPG
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  2. Figtree3

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    Nice picture... I can't help with deciphering it, though.
  3. Lew Fisher

    Lew Fisher Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Maybe someone who knows something will come along. I think it's worthy of some attention.
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  4. Lew Fisher

    Lew Fisher Well-Known Member

    One final bump to ask for help identifying this interesting, possibly Vietnamese, artist's mark. Thank you.
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