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    I was wondering if someone might know the origin of this carved tribal statue? Material is some type of stone. The signature on bottom is on a old newspaper but not sure if it has anything to do with the statue or not. Also there was a old piece of tape that had writing on it but got wrapped off. Any info would be great thanks.

    20210225_163743.jpg 20210225_163759.jpg 20210225_163817.jpg 20210225_163824.jpg 20210225_163842.jpg 20210225_163929.jpg
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    The writing on the base also seems to say "Xona", which is the Portuguese version of Shona, a group of Bantu speaking people in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. In the mid 20th century, a modern stone carving movement developed among the Shona as a means of generating income. One of the types of stone used is a soft dolomite, which may be what your piece is made of. The style of yours is not typical of the more current forms in the art, but it may be an early example. Some of the large department stores in the U.S., such as Marshall Fields in Chicago, actually had sections that carried ethnographic and archeological art. Wanamakers may have done the same.
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    Thank you both!
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