Help identify this table please

Discussion in 'Furniture' started by Alicats121, Jul 31, 2021.

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  3. laura9797

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    At first glance I thought American Victorian Rococo Revival or Renaissance Revival - maybe pickled and intentionally distressed although one would typically see marble on those top of tables. The wood turtle top makes me think of Louis XV style though although it could be a marriage I guess. What does the underside of the top look like it?
  4. Matt Johnson

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    That is a tray top rococo revival table. I'd say 1930-50s. It's obviously missing a glass sheet to protect the top. Plus looks like it spent some time outside in the rain.

    It has a rustic shabby look which is pretty popular nowadays. You could of course strip that paint and refinish it which would give it a nice antique look.

    Cute piece anyways, I like it!
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  5. Matt Johnson

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    Oh, here you have something similar!
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  6. verybrad

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    Coffee table size? Relatively modern French style table that has seen a hard life.
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  7. Alicats121

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    Yes coffee table size. Yes seen a hard life like some of us. Lol. Thank
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