Help with antique? Rose famille Chinese tea set

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  1. samuelcaulfield1

    samuelcaulfield1 Active Member

    71476677-BA3F-415B-85F7-F6564D732421.jpeg 2F969A51-39CA-4480-99FA-FD25CF927A6E.jpeg 2571998D-B275-484F-9AC1-6ADB362171E0.jpeg C60A6FCD-88F6-4763-80BD-C57903CE6078.jpeg 735361E2-F63B-4AF5-9F15-4ADF6A515293.jpeg 4379C267-9981-494B-9678-8C950DE22D80.jpeg 61AE7FE9-C793-4360-A0A5-7DC601BA3130.jpeg C1B18449-3B3B-478C-B30F-2E6FD74BCCDC.jpeg 8F58732C-EBC7-41B4-A9F5-0147B324904C.jpeg 8A349E6D-EFA6-48FD-BFDD-E346E58343E1.jpeg Hi All,

    I am umming and arring about whether to hold on to this Chinese tea set.

    Do you guys think this is late 19th century or later?

    I see there are a few up these that end up at auction, and understand that they are imports made for the western markets. They seem to sell for $50-$100 bucks often.

    What do you guys think of it?


  2. samuelcaulfield1

    samuelcaulfield1 Active Member

  3. Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson Active Member

    Hie! yes indeed, Rose Medallion is a 19th and 20th Century Chinese Export Porcelain. "Made in China" dates the piece after 1915.
  4. Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson Active Member

    Usually if there is no mark on the underside, the piece dates around 1850-1890.
    I'm not sure how much it's worth tho, depending on where you live I guess.
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  5. blooey

    blooey Well-Known Member

    I bought one like this brand new in the mid 1970's in Chinatown - makes good tea!
    This one is a little older judging by the hardware on the basket.
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  6. clutteredcloset49

    clutteredcloset49 Well-Known Member

    Looking at the top and the little seed shells, I'm thinking 1950s.

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  7. Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson Active Member

    Probably, it's not very old
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  8. samuelcaulfield1

    samuelcaulfield1 Active Member

    Thanks guys. Very helpful :shame:
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