Help with Carl F. Christiansen Danish silversmith item

Discussion in 'Silver' started by udoittwo, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Hello again,
    I bought this as "sterling". I believe I found the silvesmith to be Carl F. Christiansen a Dainish silversmith [1943-63]. I could only find his hallmark on plated items and they all have a "P" under it and this one does not. I know he worked in sterling also.

    I acid tesed on a stone, one foot and it shows silver but I am still not sure I even got through the plate. Is there anything in this hallmark or does Denmark have certain symbols to tell me?
    DSCN7111.JPG DSCN7114.JPG DSCN7113.JPG
    Thanks again for your time and any help,
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    Danish solid silver would have either the 3 towers mark (up to the 1960's) or, later, the numerical expression of silver fineness.

    In this case you have the FDG "torchmark" used only on silver plated items made by members of the FDG association. First used in 1929. See this thread from the 925-1000 site forums which gives both an explanation of the association and a closeup picture of the torchmark (scroll down from where it starts.)
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    The FDG mark is the quality mark for silver plate. I don't know about the letter 'P' or lack of it on your piece - one of the silver folks will be along and should be able to explain it:)
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    Thanks again for your help. Guess this one is going back.
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