Help with unknown mark please

Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by Dory64, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. Dory64

    Dory64 Well-Known Member

    Hi, another charity shop find. Can't make out the mark at all, looks like something started with Z then regd, can't make out the last bit, then there's what looks like a building and a stylised landscape. Thanks in advance 242307950_861057861444975_5204378286945150176_n.jpg 242729540_909018270024037_3684755224967126632_n.jpg 241993049_6195780667162199_3417896133170421527_n.jpg 242806046_182128777385855_8956000410285329071_n.jpg 242116399_608084073688243_1893075017335325605_n.jpg 242747841_521374632631616_8093357435617695563_n.jpg 242129322_407300700745023_717882407397217416_n.jpg
  2. crowleys

    crowleys Well-Known Member

    Zolsnay of Pecs, Hungary
  3. Dory64

    Dory64 Well-Known Member

    Fabulous, thank you, I'll have a look.
  4. wiscbirddog

    wiscbirddog Well-Known Member

    Lovely piece Dory!
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  5. Dory64

    Dory64 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much, I would never have worked the maker out without Crowley's help, but after viewing more of their work I'm hooked. Appears my piece is c1878-98 and their range of styles is massive! I'll certainly be on the lookout for more from this maker.
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