Horace Pippin??

Discussion in 'Art' started by antiqueaddict, Jun 1, 2023.

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    I need an expert in this artist or this genre (folk art, primitive, naive) to help me identify this estate find painting. Two experts on JustAnswer said it's possibly his work (no sig) and Mutual Art (I paid $50) appraisal says between $2500-4500 value but can't authenticate. Guidance for who can help with this is appreciated!

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  3. Debora

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    May we have a photograph of the back please? And, if there is one, a close-up photograph of the signature?

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    Hi and WELCOME @antiqueaddict !! If you could take a couple of close-ups of along the bottom of your image, it might be helpful....thank you!!!
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    There is no signature

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  6. antiqueaddict

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    There is no signature.

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    Welcome, @antiqueaddict.

    May I ask, who first suggested your painting might be by Horace Pippin?
    I am by no means an expert, but looking at other examples of his signed and documented work online, I see very little resemblance in terms of style. Your painting is much busier than his work, and the color palette is quite different.

    However, authenticating a painting based on style alone is very difficult. It usually requires assessing the materials and technique as well, and even then questions will remain if the painting does not have a well documented history ("provenance").

    Yale University Press has recently published an in depth study of Pippin's paintings, by Anne Monahan. The author is described as an "art historian based in New York". I don't know how to reach her, but the publisher might be able to forward a inquiry to her. This book might also provide leads on museums that hold his work, and other curators that might be helpful.
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    yup, u need an expert !!;)
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