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  1. bobsyouruncle

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    One of my favorites.
    Hudson's Bay Co set up a store in Calgary in 1878 just after the HBC Fort of Rocky Mountain House closed its doors and the staff moved to man the store in Calgary. It was located close to the NWMP Fort and the I G Baker store, its competition. WIN_20140920_162532.JPG WIN_20140920_162546.JPG WIN_20140920_162614.JPG WIN_20140920_162628.JPG
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    " It's hard not to think of The Bay ! " :hilarious::hilarious:
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    Very nice. Wonder what Crocker Farms would say about it?
  4. cxgirl

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    wow, that is a nice one bobsyouruncle, they sell for some big bucks:)
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  5. bobsyouruncle

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    Really? Thank you very much...I've never been able to find another. Could you send me in the right direction?
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  6. cxgirl

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    sending you a message:)
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