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Discussion in 'Ephemera and Photographs' started by Snowman Cometh, May 22, 2024.

  1. Snowman Cometh

    Snowman Cometh Well-Known Member

    I love photos. I started out ONLY wanting to collect the autographs from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. As I looked, I started seeing other autographs I wanted. Then I started seeing tin types, and then the flood gates opened. I won't pay much for my photos. But, I have some really nice ones.

    BTW: I completed Metropolis a while ago. I couldn't get a signed photo from Erwin Biswanger. You can't even find a photo that isn't from Metropolis online. I got a drawing he did of an actress, and it's signed Biswanger. That's a rarity.

    This is a few old photos from my collection.
    My first tintype. She looks so modern.
    Cool Chick.jpg 001 (4).JPG 002 (10).JPG 004 (5).JPG 004 (6).JPG 005 (6).JPG 005.JPG 008 (4).JPG Dressy.JPG Girl Dog.JPG
  2. Roaring20s

    Roaring20s Well-Known Member

    I really love the first two!

    Lets see your best Metropolis image! (If on a photo)
  3. Snowman Cometh

    Snowman Cometh Well-Known Member

    There are some that the images are too large, and it's time for me to go to bed. These are some of the Metropolis and Lang actors.
    Rogge.jpg Loos.jpg Lang 1.jpg Fritsch.jpg Abel.jpg Diesel.jpg Helm 2.JPG Niebulugen.jpg Marcus.jpg Harbou.JPG
  4. Roaring20s

    Roaring20s Well-Known Member

    Those are very cool!
    Thanks for sharing them!
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  5. johnnycb09

    johnnycb09 Well-Known Member

    I love old pictures and those are wonderful !
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  6. Houseful

    Houseful Well-Known Member

    Lovely collection, thanks for sharing, the couple with the baby look like twins.
  7. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    There is no such word as ONLY for collectors.;) It always gets out of hand.:arghh::joyful:
    Great photos though, the girl on the tintype is lovely. I love the Lang actors, and always good to see something from "Die Nibelungen", such fantastic stylization in every aspect of the movie.
    Maybe cousins? I believe that is accepted in some communities.
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  8. Lucille.b

    Lucille.b Well-Known Member

    Fantastic collection. Thank you for sharing!
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  9. Snowman Cometh

    Snowman Cometh Well-Known Member

    You're right they do. I didn't even notice that. I like it because of the top hat.

    I know. I start out small and just start piling on. I have over 3000 blu rays. I still have 700 to watch, and finally stopped looking for more. We're not at hoarder stage yet. But, we're getting there.
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  10. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    Keep up the good work and you will!:playful:
  11. Figtree3

    Figtree3 What would you do if you weren't afraid?

    Sounds like you are also collecting films! Metropolis is a great one.

    And thanks for sharing part of your photo collection. I'm partial to portraiture, and like all of the ones that you included.
  12. Bookahtoo

    Bookahtoo Moderator Moderator

    @Snowman Cometh - where do you do your shopping? I believe you live near me ... :cool:
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