I would hate to see her go but would love to watch her leave. Anyone know the mark?

Discussion in 'Art' started by J Dagger, Nov 20, 2019.

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    7C245870-9DA4-4760-9265-639DFD313F78.jpeg 6C405980-F519-4D1B-994C-D967967BD936.jpeg C326ED74-834D-4C89-AEBC-2384FB81F7C9.jpeg 33F8E04D-2CA6-4A8B-B5D0-4D37CDEA0F06.jpeg Picked this nude up for a couple bucks over the summer in a hasty end of sale bag stuffing. Haven’t been able to find the mark anywhere. Does anyone recognize it? Can’t tell if it’s a “D” an “O” or neither. In a shield like shape. Real bummer about the paint chips on her bum.
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    Influence of Maillol?
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