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    Bought this Cool and Artsy Vintage Inuit Eskimo Stonecut Print that is Pencil Signed and Numbered needing Identification and any other valueable extra Info. someone might have for me. Titled, INUPIAK GIRLS AT PLAY. Numbered 10/57 with the symbol II W/B and the Signature I cannot makeout. Black & White with turquoise Blue showing the Two Girls playing a known Inuit Tumble Game and the stretched out Color Field is their elongated Shadow on the Snow. Very Artsy as I said! I believe it is very Vintage 1960's - 70's and might be the original Frame but also might be a later replacement to. Measures 29 x 11 inches and looks to be on a rather thin hand made paper. LOVE this Piece but who is the Artist! Thank You very much for your Help here! Gary K IMG_INUIT1.jpg IMG_INUIT2.jpg
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    Samuel (Sam) Ashe......Canadian Indigenous Artist born 1951 at Sioux Lookout Ontario Canada.might be a possibility.
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    who lets me know that Inupiak........means it's from Alaska.
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    Oops! I was a little fast on the draw to agree with Antiquefab. Sorry Antiquefab but I did look Sam Ashe Art and Bio up and he is not Inuit but Ojibwe Indian and his art is Way different. But Please keep trying to help! Would really like to get this Piece Identified. Thanks for Reply! Gary K
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    Oh! Its from Alaska! Thanks Komokwa for that Information. I figured since it looks to be a Stonecut Print it had to be Inuit. The Mystery is Deepening ... Gary K
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    The shadow seems to form a creature or spirit or whatnot all of its own.
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