Is this a Chinese export piece ?

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  1. GreenEyedGal

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    Can someone tell me if this is an export piece? And why would they paint over the mark on the bottom ? It’s an exceptionally heavy vase… thank you all sorry about the sideways ones CC8D613E-4EB9-4F25-AEAF-F2F798DA8E77.jpeg FB3A429A-230F-4279-8B6D-8EC5DA3DA520.jpeg A3AF0134-0C94-4FC4-9394-55DBA1C94296.jpeg FAA2884B-9B36-4951-830E-2FBCBA1AB491.jpeg
  2. laura9797

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    Shiwan Artistic Ceramic factory known for their 'MudMan' figures. Material is typically clay.
  3. GreenEyedGal

    GreenEyedGal Active Member

    @laura9797 Thank you Very much . I had seen one listed as porcelain at one point and thought it is far to heavy to be porcelain in my opinion but I’m a newbie lol! Thanks again :)
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