Islamic Persian Sumerian Hand Hammered Copper Silver Plate Engraved What Is It

Discussion in 'Metalware' started by Mugzinnys, Jun 10, 2016.

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    1-IMG_6289.JPG 2-IMG_6290.JPG 3-IMG_6291.JPG 4-IMG_6292.JPG 5-IMG_6293.JPG 6-IMG_6294.JPG 7-IMG_6295.JPG 8-IMG_6296.JPG 9-IMG_6297.JPG This item is 11 3/4"
    I read in a post aBOUT IT POSSIBLY BEIng a tabletop for a folding table I do not have clue as to weather it is engraved or hammered? Help with origin age and any other info you could share with me.
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  2. verybrad

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    Appreciate that you have resized pictures but these are a bit small. I think they are good enough for this item to get the idea. Took the liberty of inserting a couple here.

    This is a hand tooled Middle Eastern tray or charger. A bit small for a table top but I suppose it is possible. I imagine the silver is tinning that has been applied. I don't think this is terribly old. Older pieces usually have better quality workmanship.
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  3. Mugzinnys

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    1-1-IMG_6289-001.JPG 3-3-IMG_6291-001.JPG 4-4-IMG_6292-001.JPG 7-7-IMG_6295-001.JPG Thanks for the info here are some larger images
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  4. all_fakes

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    Mostly just made in the Middle East for sale to tourists. Commonly had a three-legged folding stand, usually only about one foot tall, so not intended as a table. My Mom had several; she'd stand them on a table-top and then display smaller items on them.
    Probably made to imitate Middle Eastern short tables that might be used for coffee service; but since the 1950s at least you'd be unlikely to find any that were not just tourist items.
    I have photos of several of my Mom's - now mine - including the folding stands. If I can find them.....
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  5. Mugzinnys

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    I am curious about the item around the camel are they chestnut or some type of fruit
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  6. daveydempsey

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  7. AntiqueBytes

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    I had someone tell me that someone paid $900 for his which was a smaller one and called it "Damascus Silver." I have one and there is a large amount of silver in it. The style is called GHALAMZANI, and so it can apply to any kind of hammered chiseled metal work. The workmanship on mine is very good and perhaps it's an older one with more silver content than the newer ones.

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  8. Shreedevi Nair Pal

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    I think this is Iranian, circa 1920's -1930's. Meant to cater to foreigners. It is in copper which is high maintenance, hence it is tinned.
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