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Discussion in 'Art' started by dishesonpage, Jul 23, 2019.

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    Any info on John McCrady paintings? Why is oil more valuable then acrylic? I have seen comps from auctions and also have info on him but just wondering why the decline in value of his paintings? Any thoughts...
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  2. verybrad

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    The art market is pretty volatile and subject to whims of fashion and the economy. Value often has more to do with subject matter, although, oils/acrylics tend to be valued higher than watercolors/drawings/prints. Also, in the world of art, size can matter. I find a $35K sale and a $22K sale of his work in 2018, so I would say that the right work in the right venue can still do quite well.
  3. verybrad

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    I might add that if you are finding bargain prices for his work right now, it would be the time to buy. IMHO, his is investment quality art that should appreciate over the long haul.
  4. dishesonpage

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    I am being told that since the one I have is not an oil painting, it’s acrylic, it is worth less and not as desirable. Also told his earlier works are more valuable versus his later works.
  5. verybrad

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    Could be true but would not take this as a hard and fast rule. Whether or not the work is pleasing to buyers would be the primary determinant. Until something is sold, it is impossible to determine true worth. One can make comparisons and consult with others but, value in such cases, is an opinion at best.

    If your work compares favorably to his other high dollar works, I doubt whether it is oil or acrylic would make much difference. If his style changed over time and his later works are in a style different than his high dollar work, I can see them being valued less. Too many variables here to say whether or not what you are being told is true.
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    pack it up and hold it for a later date.... imo ;):)
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