Joni James At Carnegie Hall 1959

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  1. From my collection:

    I’m a fan of Joni❤️

    This will be Maven’s late eve before sleep music. (Not a true antique by definition, but an item that is a part of my large & varied vintage vinyl collection).

    This is the 1959 MGM Records gatefold cover first pressing of Joni James At Carnegie Hall. I need not have to say, but, the vinyl is in impeccable condition for it’s age, plays like a dream, much like Joni’s voice.

    8690E433-C788-480A-B7C5-4EBBC708B015.jpeg 73CB3DB5-1B68-4CE4-B3C9-54F225E3963F.jpeg A557591B-6591-453A-BB60-C4CCCCA72B40.jpeg 2DB1C603-E506-4266-BD24-741FE35E3AA8.jpeg 57769257-2CAF-457C-9781-001B11C3020B.jpeg
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  2. A hard to find MGM Records 45 rpm 1956 EP first pressing of Joni Sings, also from my collection.

    74F0F8A4-8819-4FAE-8753-45E6539D04E0.jpeg CB2736B8-6448-409C-8D8E-676BC3D2DF39.jpeg BB00776A-4A7D-4009-BA89-7BA312EDBD4D.jpeg D58E5489-D74F-403F-B044-F6DD92F816EC.jpeg
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