Korean Celadon Vase?/(10,000 Daisies)

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    This is a recent Thrift purchase that I fell in luv with.....I'm not sure but I think this vase is Korean?....I've seen some other pics of Korean Celadon vases with daisies on the internet....the vase is 10in ht x 10 in w.....has lots of crazing, is in excellent condition, with a dark brown foot and 2 character mark on the bottom...I renamed it 10,000 Daisies.....actually it has approx 5,400 or so..... rsz_1korean_vase_100000_daisies_099.jpg rsz_korean_vase_100000_daisies_093.jpg rsz_korean_vase_100000_daisies_094.jpg rsz_korean_vase_100000_daisies_098.jpg rsz_korean_vase_100000_daisies_096.jpg
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    You'd go nuts painting all those things. I wonder how long it took.
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    Yes, it is Korean celadon, very pretty. Not very old, the crazing is intentional, not a sign of age.
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