Large gourd basket

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    E2511D23-D286-4061-84CB-687485C58452.jpeg F5E22F22-E8E2-44CD-AA62-1B53C9B4C15C.jpeg 15F0155B-FF82-4AF3-A71F-346096E033FE.jpeg D2D5EE45-ABF4-4DF6-B70F-96319F4499AF.jpeg 3B4B0F80-82CF-44F5-B133-1361AD6FCC57.jpeg Found this large gourd basket today looking for help
    With more information where it could of been made or age. Design is all hand painted
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    This type of gourd + basketry combinations are made by contemporary craftspeople. It is not a traditional type of work from anywhere. The basketry portion is coiled pine needles, with raffia stitching. The design looks to be applied using a stencil.
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