Large Seascape please help with the artist

Discussion in 'Art' started by Joe Collura, Jun 11, 2019.

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  2. rink28

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    This might sound weird but there was an episode of Bob Ross i was watching where he was doing a seascape painting and this looks very similar to it. I'm thinking someone was doing the same painting while watching that episode painting along with him. It might be on youtube if you do Bob Ross seascape painting on youtube.
  3. verybrad

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    I see M. Biard. I can not find any artists by that name with a quick search.
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  4. say_it_slowly

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    Bob Ross Waves of Wonder?
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  5. Joe Collura

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    I see Biard or Beard As well. I see this painting and think it is done so well how can’t this artist be known.
  6. verybrad

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    A lot of good artists are lost to the ages. Some of this is due to their own fault. Never understood why proper signatures are not affixed. It is also possible that this is an early 20th century decorative painting. Germany was turning out such long before other countries ubiquitous with factory painting were.
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  7. Debora

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    Kinda Bierstadt wannabe.


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