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Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by 740buckeyehunter, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. 740buckeyehunter

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    I wanted to inquire as I recently received this piece of glass. The closest variation I could find is that it is an L G Wright Large GWTW. It is fully functioning, and not damaged other than some oxidation on the metal.The only markings on it are BC-4-W the number 2, and an F with circle on the base for the power wire.

    Should I clean metal with something or just leave as-is? I was hoping to get more information on the piece.

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    The glass was made by Fenton for L.G. Wright & is done in Dot Optic Ruby Overlay pattern. If you plan on selling it I would just clean the glass & wipe the brass with a slightly damp rag just to clean off the dust. If you plan on keeping it & want to clean it that is up to you. It never was a shiny brass even when new.

    I have sold several of this style lamps & have done quite well, so there is a market out there for them.
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    WELCOME 740Buckeyehunter !!! ... Joy,
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  5. 740buckeyehunter

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    How much do they normally sell for if you don't mind me asking? I couldnt find my exact one online/ebay to get a better idea. Thanks for welcoming me to the forum.
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    Hi Buckeyehunter!

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    Im guessing the window has closed to do this. I no longer see edit on post.
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  9. Iowa Jayhawk

    Iowa Jayhawk Well-Known Member

    Worthpoint shows around $250 as late as December 2017, which surprises me. I would have expected less than that.
  10. bercrystal

    bercrystal Well-Known Member

    I have not sold this exact model, but the ones I have sold I got around $175.00 to $200.00 for plus shipping & shipping was always expensive because of the weight as well as the size. You talk about an absolute #%&(@^&$ to pack. I always held my breath until I knew they had reached their forever homes. :rolleyes::rolleyes::eek::p:p:happy:
  11. 740buckeyehunter

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    Yes, the clear piece of glass is very thin compared to the rest. I would be worried it would break even in the best packed box.
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  12. bercrystal

    bercrystal Well-Known Member

    Mine have all made it intact. Some were missing their chimneys, but those are easily replaced. It is the shade & bottom portion you worry most about. :happy::happy:
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  13. Iowa Jayhawk

    Iowa Jayhawk Well-Known Member

    Had a GWTW oil lamp I sold for $475 that broke during shipment. FedEx couldn’t argue with me since they did the packing. Could have cried when I heard it broke. Now I do all my own packing with no problems so far.
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  14. Ghopper1924

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    Good prices. Surprising!
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