Limoges large metal-handled platter signed T. Burroughs

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    Hi Bantcoop and welcome! The T. Limoges mark is considered to be somewhat deceptive. It is actually an US importer active circa 1960-1990. Some of their products read designed in France which is not the same as made in France or made in Limoges. The goods produced under the T. Limoges label are not bad in themselves but are not considered by Limoges collectors to be "real" Limoges.
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    I'm certainly not a porcelain guru, but came across a couple of websites that says "T. Limoges" marks are not of Limoges, France. I don't know if those sites are that knowledgeable or not. Anyway, thought I'd pass it along. Here is one of the sites. Scroll down and read the replies/comments. I noticed one of the commentors is janetjohn. She is a member of these forums. Maybe she will spot this query and chime in. Many of us like to actually see a pic of all markings as well as a pic of the bottom of all porcelain, pottery and glass. These pics help in dating a piece as well as helping to ID maker.

    --- Susan
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    Thanks, Susan and Don.
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