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  1. This is not a vintage book, but I treat it, and a few others I have from this large series of memoirs like gold just the same.

    Another posting I’d seen brought this to light for me.

    This book series is absolutely an essential read for me, it’s a part of my cultural background and history. Over years of my life I have heard the first hand experiences/stories passed down to me from my Jewish ancestors who lived through this time, they are very similar, if not the same as the book series accounts of survival and death, through one of the saddest and most tragic periods in human history (and I do not forget to mention I sympathize with all people who have gone through this in various historic periods and cultures/races, this just happens to be where culturally I was born into, and I am very much also first and foremost a proud Canadian)

    I have read these books over and over again, (their importance and value in today’s world still cannot be mistaken) with heart, mind, body and soul, truth that still should heard and learned from❤️

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  2. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    Please tell me that you are not apologizing for being born a Jewish Canadian, who grew up as I did on a regular diet of historic , nay , horrific tales of antisemitism from the Bible all the way up to modern times !!

    Telling your story , in no way infers that you feel less about anyone else's trials & tribulations , neither does it invite comparisons.
  3. Hi @komokwa I am very proud of my heritage and family history, I come from long line of family who have accomplished great things, it’s almost intimidating lol. There was a time when my family first kept our ethnicity hidden as much as they could when they first came to Canada for fear of further retribution/anti-semetic reaction from neighbors etc, as if people couldn’t figure it out though, it was the times though, there was the war, I guess it was hard to know who to trust. I get the sense from the older generation when they spoke of those early days there was a background fear of being sent back, I guess the political and racial climate was ripe for bearing those fruits. And I don’t make apologies for who I am, or where I’ve come from. I guess I wanted in all fairness to acknowledge that sadly there has been injustices done to many cultures/races. I, like many others don’t like that fact, but I sometimes feel when I even hear about things that effect people in the world now that humans seems to be far crueler and barbaric than animals at times. But there is also so much greatness in humanity too, and I am very thankful I live pretty much everyday with great joy. ❤️ Maven
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  4. gregsglass

    gregsglass Well-Known Member

    Went through the same with my family name being German that happened at the beginning of the war. My grandfathers cousin was in a bar and got drunk ,toasting the German royal family. He never made it home they found him floating in the creek which was no where near were he was headed.
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  5. OMG @gregsglass that’s so sad, horrible. ❤️Maven
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  6. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    "And I don’t make apologies for who I am, or where I’ve come from.........."

    That's good to hear !

    " I guess I wanted in all fairness to acknowledge that sadly there has been injustices done to many cultures/races."

    That's nice to hear. It means your are a worldly person , caring and sensitive to the plight of others.

    I too am moved & upset by the stories of the Tutsi, the Armenians, the Rohingya, the people who were crushed under Stalin's boot, the Kurds, the Afghans, the Black folks brought to North America against their will, ect...ect...ect........
    but when telling the story of the two fabric cutters who worked for my family , the two guys that had tattoos on their arms that weren't really tattoos, they were just numbers....I don't feel the need to qualify the story by stating how badly I also feel for everyone else.

    That story can stand on it's own merit..........just like your story.

    That's my take on things.........
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  7. pearlsnblume

    pearlsnblume Well-Known Member

    I remember when I was a young kid, we were on a biz trip with my father and stopped into a restaurant to eat. I don't remember which state we were in. No sooner had we sat down, this person (and I use the word lightly) started screaming and hurling antisemitic remarks at us. I was terrified and horrified. The rest of the diners at their tables just stared. This was in the late 60's I would say.

    And now there is a huge problem with this again surfacing in many places and countries. New York's boroughs have seen a big issue with this of late.
    People heading to temple attacked for no reason.

    We can be compassionate to others who suffer this same kind of cruelty because we know their pain.
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  8. I love that, very well said @komokwa ❤Maven
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  9. ❤ Love is the answer, only some have yet to find.
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  10. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    "In every generation they rise up against us"
    This is part of a prayer that we say at the end of the Passover celebration .
    I don't know when it was added to the ceremony.....maybe after the Six Day War....or the Yom Kippur War....or before......I don't remember.....but it's a reminder of what we face ... then..& now.
    There are times when I wear my Star of David over my tee shirt....& times when I wear it under.........it all depends on where I'm going....:(
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  11. ❤ I have the faith I can find good wherever I go, it guides me well
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