Featured Little salt glazed bottle, Liquor bottle?

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  1. 916Bulldogs123

    916Bulldogs123 Well-Known Member

    This little handled bottle is 5" tall. sealed with some kind of melted plastic, very hard.
    I was guessing about the cobalt writing. Kadus? but nothing came up.
    On the impressed mark all i could make out was Mind----? 0125C.
    Is it a liquor bottle?
    100_8270.JPG 100_8289.JPG 100_8277.JPG 100_8285.JPG 100_8286.JPG 100_8287.JPG 100_8288.JPG
  2. silverbell

    silverbell Well-Known Member

  3. wlwhittier

    wlwhittier Well-Known Member

    Silly question, but...wotsinit?
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  4. 916Bulldogs123

    916Bulldogs123 Well-Known Member

    There is nothing liquid shaking around inside so i assumed it evaporated
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  5. wlwhittier

    wlwhittier Well-Known Member

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  6. quirkygirl

    quirkygirl likes pretty old things

    Several years ago I sold a Kirschwasser jug with the same impressed mark. If you Google Mind.Jnh. you will find several similar little jugs. Never figured out what the Mind.Jnh was an abbreviation for (manufacturer of jug??).
  7. 916Bulldogs123

    916Bulldogs123 Well-Known Member

    That's It!
    So I'm assuming the writing on the front doesn't read USA lol
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  8. Figtree3

    Figtree3 What would you do if you weren't afraid?

    According to this, the mark is for a company called Macholl München.

    Some sellers online refer to that as well. But I don't know why the letters Mind.Jnh would refer to that company's wares.

    I found a German Wikipedia article about a company called Landauer & Macholl. Apparently in 1874 the Macholl of the company split off and went into business with his brother in Munich (which is München in German). The original company also stayed in business at that time. The first company was not in Munich.

    I found no information connecting either company to the mark on these ceramics. Here is the Wikipedia article about the company history, in German. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landauer_&_Macholl
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  9. say_it_slowly

    say_it_slowly The worst prison is a closed heart

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  10. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    Or maybe a promo giveaway booze thing by Kadus?
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  11. 916Bulldogs123

    916Bulldogs123 Well-Known Member

    This is very interesting. Thank you very much for finding all those @say_it_slowly
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