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  1. lizjewel

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    crystalbowl2.jpg This is not a reply I'm afraid to the above. I have composed a new post to post in this forum, Glass, Pottery, and have gotten to Preview. I can't seem to get it to Post, can't find what to CLICK to get it to post here? Help!

    I need an ID of the name and inscription on this 4.5" Swedish crystal vase with an Art Deco nekkid nymph etched on it.
  2. anundverkaufen

    anundverkaufen Bird Feeder

    Värends Konstglas.
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  3. anundverkaufen

    anundverkaufen Bird Feeder

    The E.W. Is for Emil Weidlich.
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  5. lizjewel

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    Thank you so much!
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  6. lizjewel

    lizjewel Well-Known Member

    Thank you ever so much! After all these years peering at Swedish handwriting on glass and pottery, I should have been able to read this but I wasn't. P.S. The little vase is on its way to me as we speak :shame:
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  7. lizjewel

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    Update: The little vase with the pond fairy etching has now joined my other crystal in the china closet.

    It was bigger than it appeared in the image on the auction where it also was misidentified as a candle holder which may be why I was fortunate to get it for opening bid.

    Scandinavian crystal candle holders are so very common that most go without bids. Vases fare a little better, especially when they have n-u-d-e-s on them, as well as signatures of recognized artists. I like this little vase a lot!
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