Long Beach Island Glass Bottle

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    2063B887-A44C-4E12-A3A2-D82881A1F208.jpeg F82353BD-948E-4987-A5E0-EBE1AE6BB745.jpeg F9E4ACCF-48F4-450F-8C97-35A725130E9A.jpeg Not old but can’t find any online. Someone on FB said they are sold in souvenir shops so wonder if someone has seen similar?
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  3. Bdigger

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    If I remember correctly. this style of bottle is generally referred to as a Wheaton Bottle. Reproduced for years. Just going from memory here. I may be wrong.
  4. kardinalisimo

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    I know the company Wheaton but not sure what do you mean the style of bottle is known by that name. By style you mean the shape or the decoration or ...?
    What exactly is reproduced for years?

    I have not asked at njbottles because I was not planning to do a lot of research due to the fact that I think it’s not an old piece. Maybe even machine made with the pontil being just for looking more cool.
    But on it’s strange I’m not finding anything for sale online. If these were indeed sold in Long Beach Island souvenir shops, there should be plenty of them out there. Or maybe people like to keep there souvenirs.
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  5. Bdigger

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    I mean it's not made my Wheaton, but it is a shape and decoration like wheaton . Wheaton type bottles were made by many other companies. Basically they copied Wheaton.
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