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Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by MTswirls, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. MTswirls

    MTswirls Well-Known Member

  2. pearlsnblume

    pearlsnblume Well-Known Member

    I am not any kind of expert on this item, but I have seen others (not the exact same as yours) that are referred to as Mugsy.
    Just passing along my 2 cents.
    Wait for the experts.
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  3. dgbjwc

    dgbjwc Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure exactly why sick animal figurines became popular but they seem to have started up some time around or just before the Depression era. These are usually Japanese or German. I suspect German on yours just because of the level of detail. It would be nice to find one with the writing on the tag to see if it would provide the poor doggie a name. It's nice that it survived given the delicacy of those legs. I'm sorry I can't point you to a reference on these little pieces. All I can offer is my opinion.
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  4. lvetterli

    lvetterli Well-Known Member

    He's not sick..... he has a toothache! Poor baby!

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  5. pearlsnblume

    pearlsnblume Well-Known Member

    Remember that famous iconic Laurel and Hardy photo of one of them wrapped up in a towel that was called "toothache"? I only know about it since it was in a room on the tv show Friends for years and my dad loved L&H. Maybe they made it fashionable? Or maybe not.
  6. Grateful

    Grateful Well-Known Member

    My first thought was the mumps - my 2 cents....or toothache, especially with the wrap kind of one-sided.
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  7. MTswirls

    MTswirls Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info Don. It is kind of interesting that this style became such a theme. I have seen many other puppy figurines with their faces wrapped with bandages online. Do you think this piece is from the 1920's or 1930's? I'm obviously no expert, but I feel like that age is a good fit when I look at the figurines coloring and style.
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  8. Chiquita

    Chiquita Well-Known Member

    Adorable little guy
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  9. JenP

    JenP New Member

    I've been looking for information on my toothache dog which is the same as yours. It came from a great aunt and she had a sticker underneath saying 1908.
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  10. judy

    judy Well-Known Member

    Hi JenP!

    Welcome to Antiquers.............
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  11. gregsglass

    gregsglass Well-Known Member

    I have a post card dated 1908 with a cat with a toothache with a bandage on her head. Most have been a "fad" or something.
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  12. MTswirls

    MTswirls Well-Known Member

    I would bet that 1908 is the accurate year that the figurine was produced. My mom actually bought this one off of eBay over 10 years ago. I'm pretty sure that she paid over $100 for it, and that the listing said it was from the early 19th century, but that is all I know. I have not seen one just like it. It does seem like there was a bit of a trend of decorative dogs, cats, and other animals with toothaches during the early 1900's. Does yours also have a mark under one of the feet?
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