Maps Capt. C.S. Farnswoorth late 1800’s early 1900’s

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    ok found a website saying that C.S. Farnsworth commanded company E of the seventh infantry in Alaska in 1899-1901. Do these maps have any significance I got these with several other maps from the same time period some that were supplemental to the Army and Navy journal from the 1890’s. Any help would be appreciated. They are printed on some kind of canvas like material
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    The map(s) are of German territory, and Farnsworth was "commandant of the U.S. Army Infantry Training School at Fort Sill shortly after the American entry into World War I", so probably related to WWI.
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    It appears that this map was originally printed in 1879 and was reprinted in (or at least there is a printed date on the bottom of) 1898. And as you mentioned, the first link says he was with the 7th Infantry in Alaska in 1899-1901.

    So I don't know the link as to how or why he acquired a map of German territory while in Alaska. But I think that seems to be what happened.

    And as 2manybooks mentioned, it could well have been used in a classroom later.
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    it's not German, but Prussian. issued by the Kartographischen Abtheilung der Königlich Preussischen Landesaufnahme 1879. a normal civil map by the Prussian department for topography.
    Einzelne Nachträge 1898. addenda (new buildings etc.) 1898.
    Umdruckausgabe ! autographic edition.

    some people seem to forget that Germany was for the biggest part not occupied in WWI.
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    Yes, thank you. I referred to "German territory" because I knew it wasn't Germany then but had forgotten the correct terminology.

    And thank you for the translation.
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