Mark help on the largest serving spoon I’ve had

Discussion in 'Silver' started by J Dagger, Feb 3, 2023.

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    I had a ladle once that was bigger but pretty sure this is the largest and heaviest spoon I’ve had. 12”, over 150g. Paid more than I would have liked but less than scrap. Was just curious about it and didn’t have time to dig. I’ve looked a bit now and still haven’t found the mark. There is a chance it’s Italian. Owners were Italian immigrants with some money and nice things. Looks like a male head facing left with a 3 next to it. Could be a B or 8 or something else. Next what appears to be a left facing arrow. Finally three letters I believe. PAX maybe? Latin or just initials maybe. Head doesn’t look wholly unlike the 1825 British duty mark but I don’t believe those carry numbers next to them? Maybe someone here know it? A03D0618-306A-48E5-B118-7DF53B0579A1.jpeg 466C7872-9306-4C96-BFF2-9EC32ECBF78C.jpeg 38A0988B-9511-4505-9414-D9A953731078.jpeg
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    I know you didn't ask but the monogram looks like GV. :)
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    Shameless self bump.
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